96% of Independent Living Residents Fully Immunized

Because our residents were eager to be immunized against COVID-19 at the earliest opportunity, it has made it possible for Deerfield to begin to shift toward normalcy on campus.

Grand Reopening of the Bistro
Research confirms that communal eating improves social bonding, promotes feelings of contentedness and well-being, and enhances one’s sense of belonging within a community. After a grueling year of pandemic life­ – to bring residents together once again to enjoy the familiar, meaningful rituals of shared meals is one of the most important things that we at Deerfield can do for the health and well-being of the entire community. We are overjoyed to announce that, exactly one year after the pandemic necessitated its closure, the Bishop’s Bistro will reopen for Independent Living resident dining on March 16th.

Due to the fact that the vast majority of our independent living residents have been fully immunized, dining in the Bishop’s Bistro amongst peers is immeasurably safer than dining indoors at an off-campus restaurant. The reopening strategy for both the Bistro and the Riverwalk Cafe have been largely informed by state guidance and they will operate at 50% capacity with social distancing and mask requirements.