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As a future resident, you are part of the Deerfield Community. We welcome you to visit and get involved as you plan for your future with us.

Deerfield offers the opportunity to join our Future Residents Program, which provides access to events and programs to keep you connected while on our wait list. For information call 828-210-4592, or apply here.


Future residents are invited to have lunch or dinner in the Bishop’s Bistro at Deerfield Monday through Thursday. The cost is $12.50 per person. Please check in at the reception desk to pick up a ticket and pay the receptionist by check.


The Riverwalk Spa and Deerfield Salon are available for your use and enjoyment. Please call 828-210-4636 to schedule a treatment at Riverwalk Spa and 828-210-4548 for an appointment at the salon.

“What surprised me most was how easy it was to meet people, and how quickly we made lasting friends. We have met so many wonderful, interesting people! We feel that we have “family” here at Deerfield.”


Events & Activities

Check the Activities for regularly scheduled activities and special events that are open to Future Residents.

Health Center Priority Admission

If you have a need for our assisted living or skilled nursing center, give us a call at (828) 274-1531 ext. 3281 or 800-284-1531. If there is space available, you receive priority admission as a Future Resident.

Visits to Deerfield

If you live out of town and are planning a visit to Deerfield, please call the marketing office if you need to make arrangements for an overnight stay.

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