Duke Energy awards Deerfield
100% Energy Carbon Neutral Distinction!

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. – Native American Proverb

From simple fixes like low-VOC paints, Energy Star-rated appliances and reusable takeout dining containers to expansive capital projects, Deerfield is committed to doing our part to heal and protect the environment through the deliberate and responsible application of eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability focuses on the state of the planet –
encouraging people to create minimal waste and regenerate resources.

Energy saving initiatives form the foundation of Deerfield’s sustainability projects to date. In addition to their environmental benefit, the measures that Deerfield has undertaken allowed us to save thousands of dollars in utility bills. In 2008 Deerfield took a major step forward with a $500,000 capital investment in campus-wide HVAC automation systems. Since 2018 Deerfield invested over two million dollars to upgrade the community’s infrastructure to include green features.

Time of Use Changes – Duke Energy
Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light

Duke Energy let us know that our time of use savings changes October 1st, 2023. The rate structure is like a traffic light. Green is GO! Yellow is caution and Red is STOP! With this in mind, residents are encouraged to use electricity during the GREEN hours and avoid using electricity during the RED hours to save money. All weekends & holidays are standard rate.

Recycling at Deerfield is second-nature to residents and staff.
Below are a few of our recycling efforts.

Deerfield Recycling Program

Single stream recycling provided for apartments and cottages for: Glass, Plastics, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, Cans, Small Cardboard

Cardboard Boxes, Batteries, Light Bulb, Ink Cartridges

Deerfield Resident-Sponsored Hard to Recycle Days

Books, Electronics, Small Appliances, Scrap Metals, Phones, Computers, Toner, Styrofoam, Water Filters and Much More!

Deerfield’s Green Initiatives range from investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in LED lighting to simply using less paper. We have recently added a new system for disposal of food waste –
the ORCA Green Machine.

The ORCA Green Machine uses the same principles as outdoor composting but works much faster. The machine accelerates the breakdown of food waste by using a micro-organism solution and bio chips. This process allows the degradation process to happen overnight. The food waste is more than mulched – it is degraded to the level of liquid and safely moves through the sewer system.

Click here to watch a video about our new
ORCA Green Machine.

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