Toy Cars Project

Eleven years ago Deerfield resident Bill Metts gathered a group of his peers in the Deerfield wood working shop with 2 x 4’s, a band saw, sanding paper, and a drill. Working throughout the year, with love and care 125 toy cars were crafted and presented to the Salvation Army at Christmas time to be gifted to children in an after school program in Buncombe County.

It became apparent pretty quickly that the demand was much higher than the 125 toy cars crafted that year. For the following years, the volunteers crafted 250 cars that were split between two counties, Buncombe and Hendersonville. This year an additional 125 cars were crafted and given to the Pediatric Dept. at Mission Hospital for children who are admitted to the hospital.

Over the eleven years that these volunteers have gathered and toiled in the wood working shop, over 3000 toy cars have been placed in the hands of young children. That’s a lot of happy faces!