Deerfield’s Resident Vaccinations

We are thrilled that the vaccines are underway at Deerfield! The beacon of hope we have been awaiting has arrived!

On January 12th, nearly all Independent Living residents at Deerfield stepped up and accepted first doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Together, in an inspiring show of solidarity against this brutal pandemic, our residents have primed an invaluable shift in the context of COVID-19 risk on our campus, thereby opening the door for a less restrictive future. Should residents follow through with the series by receiving their second doses on February 9th as expected, we can anticipate that vaccine-induced immunity will be achieved by over 95% of the Independent Living resident population at Deerfield by February 24th (after receiving the booster dose of vaccine, the body still needs time to develop the degree of immunity touted by clinical trials).

Hopefully in March, Deerfield will be able to significantly reduce restrictions pertaining to Independent Living services and amenities. We are navigating uncharted waters that are not made entirely calm by the rate of vaccination among Deerfield’s residents; the pandemic is a tempest that continues to rage. The operational adjustments will be welcome by all, but basic mitigation measures like masking and social distancing will continue to be an integral aspect of our community’s culture for the foreseeable future.