Committed to Protecting Our Residents – COVID-19 Response

Permission Required for Deerfield Campus Access

In an effort to keep our residents and campus safe, all Independent Living residents receiving assistance in their homes from outside caregivers (meaning private duty, agency, or independent contractors who are not Deerfield residents or employees) will be required to register their caregivers with Deerfield administration.

An interdisciplinary COVID-19 response team will review each registration form and determine if the care provided is “essential.” Caregivers whose tasks are deemed essential will be permitted campus access. Caregivers performing non-essential tasks are ultimately visitors and will not be allowed access to campus while visitor restrictions are in effect. Effective Monday, May 4, unregistered caregivers, and those who have been deemed non-essential, will be turned away at the screening checkpoint.

Deerfield is committed to keeping our residents and staff safe during this unprecedented time in our country’s history.

Report Symptoms or Potential Exposures to COVID-19

The foundation of any successful public health response is containment: the rapid identification, quarantine, and testing of any and all symptomatic or exposed individuals. Cardinal symptoms of COVID-19 are fever (or feeling “feverish”), a new, non-chronic, persistent cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms include severe fatigue, headache, myalgias (flu-like body aches), and sudden and complete loss of taste or smell. If you experience symptoms concerning for COVID-19 or are exposed to a person with symptoms, immediately self-quarantine.

Deerfield residents have the benefit of the nursing staff at the Deerfield Clinic 24/7. All residents reporting symptoms or exposure will receive ample assistance with triage, testing, and other supports, with nurses checking in daily through courtesy phone calls.