Project Dignity Packing Party

There were 23 Deerfield volunteers that gathered for over an hour packing boxes for Project Dignity. The group packed twice as many boxes as ever before – 80 (with 12 bags of 20 pads in each box). Project Dignity has become an important contributor to the well-being of local girls and women. It was a fun event and very satisfying for all who participated!

“Project Dignity is a means for us to honor the dignity of the women and girls we serve.”

Barbara Morgan, Founder

Project Dignity of WNC was formed as a 501(c)(3) in January of 2017 in Henderson and Buncombe County. Their mission is to provide period products to women and girls who are homeless, low-income, or victims of domestic abuse. Project Dignity of WNC solicits donations of period products and financial support from community organizations, individuals, and churches, and provide product drop off locations. These products are distributed to schools, public housing offices, food pantries, and social service agencies on a regular monthly schedule. 

Project Dignity of WNC provides period products to 55 agencies and 148 schools in Henderson, Buncombe, Polk, Transylvania, Rutherford, Madison, Haywood, Yancey, Avery and Mitchell counties. Project Dignity of WNC serves over 1900 women by providing 14,380 tampons, 15,450 pads, and 5,534 liners per month. Personal care, soap, and other non-food items cannot be purchased with food stamps. Low-income and homeless women can often find shelter and food but have no place to turn when it comes to period products. In an attempt to preserve their dignity and sense of self-worth, girls often skip school and women who work in low-paying hourly jobs forfeit income when they miss work because they lack access to much needed menstrual products. Women resort to using rags, socks, or even plastic bags. Beyond a critical health problem, it’s upsetting – and even shocking – that every woman in America doesn’t have access to these products.