PLEASE Get Your Flu Shot!

Seasonal influenza causes considerable morbidity, mortality, and hospital utilization, exacting its greatest impact upon the elderly. COVID-19, with symptoms largely indistinguishable (outside of testing) from influenza, does the very same. It’s not a great leap to imagine that the convergence of pandemic COVID-19 with seasonal influenza could be calamitous.

While we are armed with only behavioral methods for minimizing the spread of COVID-19, we are fortunate to have a vital, life-saving tool at our disposal when it comes to influenza mitigation. This year, it is more important than ever before that every eligible American receive a flu vaccination.

Stay Home. WEAR. WAIT. WASH. Get your flu shot. One day, this pandemic will be over!

Taryn Tindall, RN, on behalf of the Deerfield Leadership Team