It’s Okay to Play Croquet!

Deerfield Croquet

Newly modified state and Buncombe County orders have liberalized the recommendations for outdoor gatherings. Deerfield leadership has decided to once again allow residents from separate households to share a social game of croquet. Those using the croquet court are required by Deerfield policy to practice careful social distancing at all times. Both players and spectators are required to wear a face mask. To prevent COVID-19 transmission, all croquet players must thoroughly disinfect all shared equipment prior to use and also after use.

As with outdoor social get-togethers, local, state, and national guidance does continue to discourage older adults from leaving the home except for essential purposes. When incorporating social distancing, mask-wearing by all players and spectators, and thorough disinfection of equipment, the risk for COVID-19 transmission is low. Therefore, Deerfield has opted to allow inter-household croquet games to occur on campus.