Marketing News


Despite the pandemic altering our usual marketing activity, we have continued to welcome new residents throughout the year. Getting acclimated to the community and making friends takes some careful planning due to COVID guidelines, but with the wonderful work of residents who serve on the Deerfield Welcome Committee, they are still getting friendly attention and meeting new neighbors.

We are used to having visitors walk the community with our Resident Ambassadors or one of the marketing team members daily – not this year. However, we are still receiving applications monthly and our new Virtual Tour is helping us introduce the community to more of our prospects.

A huge thank you to the marketing staff for all the jobs they have taken on in addition to normal tasks the past 6 months: marketing staff have covered many hours at the screening checkpoints at the entrance of the campus as well as the Haden Hall checkpoint, helped deliver meals, driven the van for meal deliveries, make phone calls to residents, make visits to residents in Assisted Living, and will continue to help as needed.

We look forward to increasing our virtual visits with prospects and welcoming new residents.