Resident Testimonials

We still can hardly believe our luck in securing a coveted spot in the Deerfield community. Though brand new, we feel like we know the place well. For years, we have been visiting Deerfield: speaking with staff; dining at the Bistro and the Riverwalk Cafe; and speaking with long-term residents. The residents' glowing approbations, to a one, tipped our decision. We look forward to sharing their experiences of professional and always pleasant staff; excellent and varied food; tons of activities to choose from; and plenty of food for the mind and the soul. We eagerly begin our latest journey here at beautiful, unique Deerfield.
Carole & LaVoy


The population here at Deerfield, both resident and staff, is varied, vital and embracing. Introduction of amenities and programs is ongoing and timely, and the grounds crew does a wonderful job at keeping the campus planted and lovely. Living here helps to make this part of my life even more joyful.


As new residents, we have been extremely impressed by the warm and helpful welcome from both the Deerfield staff and residents.  In a few short months, we have been integrated into the community and have established a number of interesting, active, and caring new friends. The welcoming culture of Deerfield has made the transition to a retirement community a very pleasant and stress-free experience.
Gordon & Judy


Beirne Chisolm

Beirne, a former resident of nearby Biltmore Forest and actively involved in the community, jumped at the chance to secure a residence in Tuton Hall when the expansion was announced. He was very familiar with Deerfield’s reputation. “I tried to get my parents into Deerfield in the early 90’s but the wait list was too long, and I didn’t want that to happen to me” he says. “Guaranteeing all levels of care with the Life Care program was important to me, and with my two bedroom, two bath apartment I have plenty of room for the family to come and visit.”


Martin and Sandy on living at Deerfield:

Imagine, if you will, having simplified your life by downsizing your possessions and then being on a permanent holiday…without the worries of lawn maintenance, house cleaning, etc., and with the opportunity to just enjoy life fully with outstanding meals, a variety of activities, and the knowledge that for the rest of your life your physical, mental, and spiritual needs are being taken care of by a wonderful, attentive, caring and professional staff. Then, when you do travel, you can do so  without “closing the house” or arranging for security and with peace of mind, knowing that everything continues to be covered in your absence.

This is our life at Deerfield, where we can be as involved, or not, as we choose in the many and varied opportunities available to us, in the Deerfield community as well in beautiful downtown Asheville and the surrounding Western North Carolina area. Living at Deerfield is one of the best decisions we ever made. We are truly blessed to call such a wonderful place “home”.
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