Beth Allen, owner of Successful Strides Inc., in Morganton NC brought 2 miniature horses to visit residents at Deerfield this week. Daisy Duke and Finian along with handler Lily, helped fill the courtyard with joy as residents, staff, and families connected with these amazing equines. Beth Allen shares that "the intuitive nature of the horse combined with their immediate, instinctive response provides an environment where powerful, often times therapeutic results can occur." That was very apparent in the courtyard during this wonderful visit!


In recognition of the City of Asheville’s commitment to the creation and expansion of affordable housing, Deerfield has donated a quarter of a million dollars toward the effort. Asheville City Council Members accepted the $250,000 donation to the Asheville Affordable Housing Trust to assist in the City’s efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing for our residents.

“The generosity demonstrated by Deerfield in making this gift is overwhelming — the residents of Deerfield are wonderful community partners,” said Mayor Esther E. Manheimer. “This donation will have a great impact on the City’s ability to add more affordable housing for people who need it.”

Founded in 1955 on 30 acres and with the purpose to provide housing for retired clergy and widows of retired clergy, Deerfield today is a community on 125 acres with 650 residents and more than 300 employees. It has always been a vital part of Deerfield’s mission, and personally for the residents and employees, to support local organizations and people in the greater Western North Carolina community.
“We recognize and appreciate that one of Asheville’s highest priorities is to create more affordable housing options and we are pleased to participate in those efforts by giving this gift to the City of Asheville,” said Deerfield CEO Robert Wernet. “We feel that this can be a lasting legacy contribution for the Asheville Affordable Housing Trust.”

The City of Asheville’s Housing Trust Fund was created in 2000 to provide a source of local funding to assist in the development of affordable housing in Asheville. Assistance is available in the form of repayable loans at a low rate of interest. This gift is significant and represents half of the overall budget for the current Housing Trust Fund. These additional dollars will allow us to continue to make loans to produce, preserve and protect affordable housing and engage new and existing developers in partnership.

This donation is an example of how, working together, the City and private institutions can move the needle on one of our most pressing social issues. Organizations interested in partnering with the City on affordable housing are encouraged to contact Paul D’Angelo, Community Development Program Director at or 828-251-4098.

Find out more about the City’s Affordable Housing Initiative at this link.

Join us for the Seventh Annual Holiday Craft Market on Friday, November 8th, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm in Deerfield’s Blue Ridge Room. Twenty talented Deerfield residents will be offering paintings, jewelry, pottery, note cards, fiber arts, photographs, woodcraft, paintings and other items. Cash or checks only.

Playwright Sandra Deer presents The Subject Tonight is Love, a play she wrote about a daughter’s struggle to love her mother as Alzheimer’s destroys her mother’s brain. This is her story. Deerfield staff and
residents will participate in a readers theater, along with Sandra Deer who plays her mother. Join us at Deerfield on Monday, November 4th at 3:00 pm in the Blue Ridge Room.

To-go container program to roll out soon! Deerfield worked hard to eliminate Styrofoam, and now they go a step further to reduce waste by providing reusable to-go containers. The Dining Committee will present Green ToGo sterilized containers for take-out. These containers will be washed and reused. The paper containers currently on hand that are typically used to take home left overs and ice cream will be used up and then we’ll be using the Green ToGo reusable containers totally. This will have an impact on the amount of material currently going to the trash dump.

Residents have enjoyed a new musical outlet this summer, thanks to Billy Zanski of Skinny Beats Drumming in Asheville. Skinny Beats Sound Shop offers sound healing sessions using crystal bowls, gongs, harps and other instruments to create peaceful soundscapes. Interest was high for the drum circle and a waiting list formed for additional sessions at Deerfield. The rhythmic sound of the beating drums filtered through the corridors from the Blue Ridge Room on one particular day creating an element of relaxation on that part of campus, enjoyed by all in the vicinity.

Deerfield made a major contribution of $50,000 to the building fund of the Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry in Fletcher. The Calvary Food Pantry opened in April of 2009 in an effort to help local residents in need of food. Members of Calvary Episcopal Church felt called to organize and open the Food Pantry, but it could not operate without support from our whole community. In addition to Calvary, other local churches, businesses, individuals, service organizations, and philanthropic groups make the Food Pantry possible. In 2011, the Food Pantry was incorporated as a non-profit organization.

“The Calvary Food Pantry is a great ministry to South Asheville and Henderson County. Deerfield has been affiliated with the Episcopal Church for nearly 70 years and we are thrilled to be able to support such an amazing mission,” said Bob Wernet, President/CEO, Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community.

In 2018, the Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry served a total of 4,896 households and 17,081 individuals with weekly averages of 96 households and 335 individuals. Over 70 volunteers participate each month, with over 200 volunteer hours donated weekly. The goal is to provide at least half a week’s provisions per weekly visit. The Pantry strives to provide 45-50% of a family’s needs in fruits, vegetables, and grains, 25% of its milk, and 90% of its protein.

“The Deerfield donation will help to change the lives of people in both Henderson and Buncombe Counties. Calvary and our partners are committed to serving the needs of those in need of food in our community,” said The Rev. J. Clarkson, Priest-In-Charge, Calvary Episcopal.

Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry, Inc. is designated as a “very large” food pantry as scored by MANNA Food Bank, and an authorized distributor of federal SAM and Henderson County TEFAP food. On average, it provides 3530 meals weekly. The current lack of space in the Calvary Parish Hall to adequately serve the growing number and needs of clients facilitated the decision to raise money for a separate building on Calvary Church’s campus. The new building will greatly enhance the Food Pantry’s ability to provide additional nutritious food to clients. The cost for the new building is estimated at $500,000, and Deerfield’s contribution to the building fund will help the Food Pantry in fulfilling its mission of helping those in need.

“The Food Pantry was overwhelmed and thrilled when we got the news about the gift from Deerfield. Some of the residents of Deerfield along with the Director of Philanthropy, Michelle Wooley, have volunteered at our Food Pantry. We are so grateful for Deerfield’s generosity,” said Marilyn Bradt, Executive Committee President of Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry.

The Calvary Food Pantry is open to anyone in need of food on Saturdays between 8:30 am and 11:00 am.


Dr. Virginia Templeton, MD, Director of MemoryCare in Asheville spoke to Deerfield residents at a recent event on campus. Ginna has committed most of the last 20 years to the care of dementia patients and families conflicted by the disease. She is internationally recognized for her work with dementia patients and caregiver direction. Ginna also serves on the Board of Directors for Deerfield. In appreciation, our residents held a silent auction and raffle with the proceeds being donated to MemoryCare.

MemoryCare is a local non-profit established in 2000 to meet the growing need for appropriate out-patient assessment, treatment and support for memory-impaired individuals and their families. Expert management by the caregivers can make a significant difference in the quality of life for the memory impaired individual. MemoryCare trains and helps equip caregivers with the tools to assist a loved one through this disease.

Dementia is a family disease. It impacts not only the person with the illness but the family as well. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia requires a unique set of skills that need to adapt as the brain disorder progresses. MemoryCare’s mission is to provide the tools an individual will need to grow confident and competent in their role as caregiver through one-on-one “deep dives” into topic areas that have been requested by the caregiver and Caregiver College, a six module comprehensive course on caregiving for someone with dementia.

This summer, MemoryCare’s model will be presented at the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference in Chicago with data showing that when compared with published national norms for those with dementia, individuals seen at MemoryCare have lower hospitalization rates and less utilization of emergency rooms.

Monday, August 12 at 4:00 pm
Esther Manheimer – Asheville Mayor

Thursday, September 19 at 4:00 pm
Vijay Kapoor – Asheville City Council member
Please join us in the Blue Ridge Room!

The new Wi-Fi system being installed this fall will be:
• More secure
• Up to five times faster
• Include more TV channels
• And will be less expensive for residents!
All network traffic will be encrypted.