Life Care at Deerfield

Deerfield takes care of life’s “what ifs?”

Deerfield's Life Care concept offers its residents unique health care benefits, as well as significant financial advantages and security.  A complete continuum of care eases comfort and provides peace of mind because we offer all levels of health care on-site, if you should ever need it.

The Life Care benefit assures the availability of assisted living and long-term nursing care in our on-site health center at the same monthly rate as in your apartment or cottage.   This protects your finances by maintaining your monthly costs no matter what level of care is needed.   Additional costs include two more meals per day.  Larger accommodations and ancillary health care services are available, but not included in the monthly fee.

The benefit is clear, as you can take comfort in knowing where and with whom you will get your care and can accurately plan for future health care costs.

In fact, Deerfield is the training site for the Geriatric Fellowship Program, which is part of MAHEC.  In addition, the city of Asheville’s high-quality care has earned a reputation as a healthcare mecca with the explosion of alternative, complementary, and traditional medicine. Deerfield is also located in close proximity (five to seven minutes) to Mission Hospital, part of the Mission Health System, one of the nation’s top performing medical organizations. Learn more at Asheville also offers both the VA Medical Center and Park Ridge Health System.