The Arts Program

The Arts is a thriving part of the Deerfield community.  Our Arts and Crafts League's Mission is "to promote interest in the arts and to offer personal development opportunities to artists, crafts persons, and art appreciators within the Deerfield community."  The League fulfills its mission by:

  • providing educational and development opportunities in pottery, fiber arts, photography, drawing, painting, multi-media art, and woodworking, both on- and off-campus.
  • providing space and the environment needed to carry out its mission.
  • fostering a supportive community of artists and crafts persons within Deerfield that is inclusive of all skill levels and interests.
  • promoting the arts throughout the entire Deerfield community through on- and off-campus programs, displays, and scheduled art and craft shows.

Each year, Deerfield hosts the "Best of Deerfield" Arts Show and Exhibit, which is open to the public.

Highlighted Artist: Bobsy Simes
During the 25 years that Bob and Bobsy Simes lived on Hilton Head, she knew that a retirement community was in their future.  As a working, professional artist and partner in her own gallery; creative outlets need to be part of their next chapter.

Extensive research followed and led them to Deerfield.  Here, they found a vast array of enriching opportunities in large community studios (graphics, arts, photography, woodworking, writing, and pottery).  The arts at Deerfield is beckoning you to explore early dreams.  Dreams that were probably denied as you worked in chosen careers and raised families.  So, like Bobsy, now it is your time to pursue those dreams in an environment that promotes creativity and encourages lifelong learning.

 Art by Bobsy Simes 

Photo by Bobsy Simes: Distant Marsh