The Hope and Healing Flag Project

The arts belong to everyone in the service of life and healing. Since the beginning of human history all of the arts of music, dance, poetry, enactment, and visual arts have been a part of rituals and ceremonies to nurture the well-being of individuals and communities. In many cultures around the world people have put their intentions, wishes, and prayers for compassion, hope, and healing on cloth flags hung to flutter in the wind and send their messages of good will through the air into the world. The most well-known of this tradition comes from Tibet and now this ancient practice comes to Deerfield.

In this time of COVID, chaos, division, and suffering in our country and the world, it can be challenging to hold our attitudes of care and compassion alongside emotions of fear and frustration. All interested residents were invited to participate in the meditative, intentional practice of creating flags to bring attitudes of healing and compassion into our community and the world.

The project coordinators assembled kits of fabric flags in the traditional Tibetan colors and other decorative materials and inspirational quotes in the Fiber Arts Studio for residents to collect and use for their flag creation. Flags are made by the creator according to their own intentions of good will. Messages on the flags include single words, quotes, poems, or images that can be written, drawn, painted, or stitched in any way you wish to reflect their intentions.

Flags will be hung outdoors at the top of the Circle Woods from the new moon to the full moon of November.

Many thanks go to all who have embraced the Hope and Healing Flag Project.