The passionate pursuit of an active retirement

While we would love to accommodate all who wish to attend our planned off-campus outings, at this time they are limited to Deerfield residents only. If you are a future resident, we’d be happy to have you attend one of our programs in the Blue Ridge Room at Deerfield.

February Programs – Blue Ridge Room:
2 Super Bowl Party, 6:15 pm
3,10,17 & 24  Women in Comedy, Mondays, 4:00 pm
4 Drayton Aldridge & the Dreamboats, 7:15 pm
6 Deerfield Day, TBD
18 Caroline Ulrich Flute Concert, 7:15 pm
22 AmiciMusic, Go Tell it on the Mountain, 3 pm
25 Great Minds / Great Decisions Series, 7:15 pm

February Outings – Deerfield Residents Only:
1 Peace Center Musical, My Fair Lady & Lunch
13  Red Rocker Inn, Dinner
27  Gatlinburg Aquarium & Lunch

March Programs – Blue Ridge Room:
10  MountainTrue Program, 4:00 pm
17 Deerfield Day, St Patricks Day, 7:15 pm
24 Castlebay, Celtic Concert, 7:15 pm
26 Story Telling with Chuck Fink, 4 pm

March Outings – Deerfield Residents Only:
13 Asheville Art Museum & Lunch
14 Asheville Choral Society
31 Sierra Nevada Tour & Dinner