Deerfield’s Dining Team

Deerfield has recently welcomed two professional chefs who are assisting with leading the team forward. Paul Johnson is serving as Interim Executive Chef, and Matthew Schenk is serving as Interim IL Dining and Catering Manager. Tess Cochran, who has been a chef at Deerfield for 20 years and who is generally assigned to work in our healthcare kitchens, is now serving as Interim Lead Bistro Sous Chef. All of these many changes are happening with the important support of Emily Tate, Dining Services Administrative Assistant, and the hard work of many other members of the Dining Services team. We also have a returning Chef, David Sparacino, our new Chef de Cuisine! He is a western NC native and 3rd generation culinarian trained in classical Italian and French cuisines. David is passionate about the art of preparing and serving fine food and providing guests with an exceptional dining experience.

Dining L-R: Emily Tate, Dining Services Administrative Assistant; Jose Rodriguez; Paul Johnson, Interim Executive Chef; David Sparacino, Chef de Cuisine; Tess Cochran, Interim Lead Bistro Sous Chef; Matt Schenk, Interim IL Dining & Catering Manager; Andrew Ruesch