Deerfield’s Babylon Micro-Farm

Revolutionizing Farm-to-Table Sustainability

In a groundbreaking event on Thursday, January 18th, 2024, Deerfield celebrated the inaugural produce transfer of its Babylon Micro-Farm, marking a significant leap forward in sustainable and locally sourced dining. The Deerfield community is witnessing a transformative journey from seed to table, bringing fresh, home-grown produce to the heart of their meals.

The journey begins with butter lettuce sprouts, which, after two weeks of germination, have now entered the next phase of growth within the Babylon Micro-Farm. Over the next four weeks, these sprouts will flourish until they are ready to be harvested and find their way to the tables of the Canterbury Dining Room, providing residents with a firsthand look at the food production process. The Babylon Micro-Farm operates on a six-week seed-to-table lifecycle, allowing residents to witness the miraculous growth of their food. This innovative approach not only fosters a deeper connection to the food they consume but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable farming practices.

The impact of this initiative goes beyond the culinary experience. The Babylon Micro-Farm is set to include a variety of micro greens in its next round, featuring pea shoots, a radish blend, and a vibrant spring lettuce mix. These additions promise a diverse and flavorful array of fresh produce, enhancing the culinary offerings at Deerfield. What’s truly remarkable is the cost efficiency of this indoor micro-farm – while the micro greens represented on one tray could cost upwards of $300 when purchased from vendors, Deerfield can now grow our own micro greens for approximately $10 per tray.

The Babylon Micro-Farm employs cutting-edge technology, featuring automatic systems that monitor water levels, nutrients, humidity, and other essential factors. This results in a customized growing experience tailored to the specific needs of each type of produce. The fully automated process minimizes the time and effort required for maintenance, making sustainable farming accessible and efficient. Deerfield can track the environmental impact of the Babylon Micro-Farm through the Babylon app, which provides sustainability reports and data. This commitment to transparency aligns with Deerfield’s broader dedication to environmental sustainability. From simple changes like low-VOC paints and Energy Star-rated appliances to more extensive initiatives, we can add this hydroponic garden to one of the many ways Deerfield strives to contribute positively to the environment.

As Deerfield eagerly anticipates its first harvest of butter lettuce in the coming weeks, the Babylon Micro-Farm stands as a beacon of innovation, demonstrating the potential for sustainable, indoor farming to revolutionize the way we source and consume fresh produce. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and a focus on providing fresh, seasonal ingredients, Deerfield is leading the charge towards a greener, delicious, and more sustainable future!

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