Deerfield… Music To Your Ears!


If you stroll through the terrace level of Timson Hall in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, just a few minutes after 2, you will find yourself in musical surroundings. Listeners will be brought back in time by the sound of the Mountain Dulcimer. Angela Lepro, a Deerfield resident and co-founder of the Deerfield Dulcimer Players shares, “We all play the Mountain Dulcimer much like the people of Appalachia played on their front porch long ago when radios and TV’s were not available. When we get together and play, no matter if it’s a fast fiddle tune or a slow Ballad, it gets rid of the stress of the day, brings a smile to our faces, and makes our heartstrings sing.”
The Dulcimer Players, a mix of Dulcimer and guitar players, gather in Timson Hall to practice their musical flair each week. Although co-founder Shirley Schultz no longer plays the Dulcimer, she remains an inspiration to this group which includes eight Residents and a non-resident base player. The group performed for the residents in the Health Care Center in May and they plan on additional performances in the future.

Clockwise from left: Ruthie Allen, Carol Martinez, Peter Martinez and Carolyn Dickson, Bass player and Deerfield friend Tom Allison, Keith Keener, Angela Lepro, Karen Hamsho, and Judy Domer.