The Deerfield Philosophy

Deerfield is directed through a voluntary board of Christian leadership. In fulfilling its mission, the Board of Directors expresses its affirmation of the following:

Deerfield is committed to maintaining an attractive, comfortable, enriching and functional residential environment. We will provide for individual privacy and easy accessibility, while promoting social, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

Deerfield recognizes that aging is a distinctively personal process. We are committed to encouraging residents to maintain independence and dignity to the highest degree of their capabilities. We believe that a lifestyle based on a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual components has a positive impact on residents at any age.   

Deerfield is committed to a program, which provides for the highest quality in housing, health care, security, stimulating activities, and support services. Resident participation in church, civic, educational, and charitable endeavors both within and without Deerfield is encouraged.

Deerfield is committed to maintaining a strong relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina and its individual churches, and the local community.  

Deerfield is committed to perpetuating the financial integrity of the facility. Fees will reflect current and projected future costs while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Deerfield recognizes that our employees are a most important resource and a key to our community success. We will endeavor to provide dynamic leadership and to create work environments and benefits to recruit and maintain the highest-quality work force.

Deerfield is committed to engaging in ongoing fundraising efforts to provide a reserve for residency and services for older adults in need of financial assistance to the extent that funds permit.  To learn more about Deerfield's Social Accountability, view the latest Connnections Report.

Deerfield is committed to serving as a resource and provider of service and talent to the local community. We endeavor to be a leader in meeting the changing needs of older adults and supporting others in this mission.

Deerfield does not discriminate in its employment or housing practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation, or on any other basis prohibited by applicable law.