We are very pleased to announce a successful agreement with MAHEC Dental services to provide onsite basic dental care to our skilled nursing residents. This is not the norm for our industry so we are very excited about having this opportunity to serve our most vulnerable residents in a manner that decreases the anxiety and logistical problems associated with providing these services off campus. This program started on January 25, 2017 and also includes valuable educational opportunities for our staff through in-services included in the program. We are hopeful that we will be able to establish a delivery model that can be replicated by other facilities in the area to the benefit of many more in the greater Asheville community.

Loretta Heiser had been living at Deerfield for a year when in 2008 she and other residents asked the dining staff why they used artificial flowers on the tables - why not use fresh flowers? The question started a new tradition, known as BLT (Bring Love to Tables) that continues eight years later.

A handful of volunteers jumped into the flower business plucking flowers from gardens, and a local grower who came to Deerfield weekly. There were some church and wedding donations that helped fill vases that would adorn the thirty-five tables in the old Bistro.
Occasionally residents would pile into cars and race to places like The Grove Park to pick up a wedding donation, and at one time a charity called Second Bloom joined in by delivering flowers from all sorts of events.

There wasn’t much of a budget for flowers, foam, and vases in those days, but resident donations soon began trickling in and the dining staff pitched in to wash the vases and clean up spilled water. This jolly band of volunteers that has grown to twenty members has a great time swapping stories, singing, and reading poetry while they work. Everyone finds something they’re comfortable doing, and nobody gets fired.

The project has grown to include 107 dining tables, the Memorial Table, private functions, and Deerfield events. The volunteer team has grown to over twenty, and a push cart was provided by Chef Cary to make the table deliveries. Every member of the team has a job,some arrange, some water, others pushcarts, cut foam, or store material.
The routine includes pulling flowers from the tables after Monday dinner and getting the dishes washed. Tuesday is cut and prep day, and Wednesday morning is the time to arrange, and then delivery carts raced around Deerfield placing vases on tables.

There have been lessons learned along the way, such as the fact that fresh flowers from the gardens sometimes came with bugs and never really liked indoor life. BLT was able to convince Ecuador growers that Deerfield wasn’t competing with florists so they could get quick shipments of beautiful newly cut flowers that would last.

Donation needs grew and fundraising efforts included parties hosted by residents in the various apartment buildings, two Dog Shows - which also featured cats on leashes, and in 2016 a successful Tour of Homes for residents took place which raised over $5,000, and we cannot forget the occasional envelopes slid under Loretta’s door.

The BLT volunteers, lead by Loretta Heiser, are looking forward to another year of bringing love to the tables, one vase at a time.

• 14 residences are occupied with 28 new residents.
• Construction continues on schedule.
• We have a neighborhood!

Residents made generous donations which funded two new features at Deerfield: The Outdoor Fitness Park which includes four exercise stations designed by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, and a new fireplace on the Bistro patio.

Dr. Tom Rardin and his wife Shirley have lived in Asheville for 48 years. They chose to move to Deerfield in 2006. Tom and Shirley have four children, two of whom live in Asheville with their families. Tom was drawn to Asheville as a result of spending several years here as a child in summer camps and also to join an established rheumatologist’s practice. Tom had recently finished his residency in internal medicine and fellowship training in rheumatology at the University of Virginia. Then, there was a stint in the Army where he was the medical officer in charge of the dispensary. Shirley was an educator before moving to Asheville. She continued her education here, earning an MBA, and subsequently working in Tom’s office as the business manager. She has served on several boards in Asheville. It was more than the confidence in the Life Care that Deerfield provides, it was also the activities that attracted the Rardins. As residents of Deerfield, they engage in many activities together including College for Seniors, music programs, and playing mah jongg and bridge. When Shirley is sewing or quilting, Tom might be found on the croquet court. The Rardins both formerly skied and enjoyed golfing, but for Tom these more vigorous activities have been replaced with exercise and therapy to help treat his Parkinson’s Disease, symptoms of which were first recognized by his son, a neurologist in Asheville. Through the rehab department at Deerfield, which is managed by RehabCare, he receives speech, occupational, and physical therapies. The exercise programs include modified chair yoga, movement to music therapies, and electrical stimulation for deactivating muscles during exercise. These and many more treatments and exercises are provided by a very caring and attentive staff. Tom says he is aware of when he needs to seek therapy services and is able to do that easily with RehabCare right on site. “Our department, at Deerfield, includes a number of therapists and the tools to work with residents who have a wide variety of needs and abilities,” says RehabCare Program Director and Agency Administrator Monica Hall Olszewski. “We help those who are proactive and know exactly what they want, and can also guide residents who need direction with their care.” The Rardins made a good choice when they chose Deerfield for many reasons, but as Dr. Rardin says, “The secret to Deerfield is the people, both staff and residents.” For more information about RehabCare services available, future residents can contact Monica Hall Olszewski by calling (828)-274-1531 *3298.

• Landscaping is underway at the new Villas
• Ten couples are settled in their new homes, with additional move-ins planned before the holidays.

Tuesday, October 4
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

10:30 a.m. Haley Mahoney from Asheville Sustainability Office
1:15 p.m. Sonia Marcus Director of Sustainability, UNC Asheville

Fitch Ratings has assigned an A- rating to the expected issuance of $41.9 million of North Carolina Medical Care Commission health care facilities first mortgage revenue refunding bonds, series 2016, on behalf of Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community.

In addition, Fitch has upgraded to ‘A-’ from ‘BBB+’ the ratings on revenue bonds issued through the North Carolina MCC on behalf of Deerfield. The Rating Outlook is revised to Stable from Positive. The key drivers of the rating revision are Deerfield’s strong occupancy, consistent growth in liquidity, solid profitability, and debt burden.

Deerfield has a long history of operations in Asheville, NC, that dates back to 1955. Deerfield maintains a national draw on prospective residents as approximately 31% of current residents come from other states in the U.S., while 24% come from other areas in NC and 45% are from its primary market area. The geographic diversity amongst prospective residents is viewed favorably and is attributed to Deerfield’s status as a “destination” CCRC. Fitch believes this regional/national draw of residents helps insulate Deerfield from local and regional economic and real-estate pressures and has led to robust occupancy levels over the last few fiscal years.

Additional information is available at www.fitchratings.com

The Best of Deerfield Arts & Crafts Show
Saturday, August 20th
Blue Ridge Room - 10 am to 4 pm