Deerfield is pleased to welcome Ethan Uslan back for what is sure to be an exciting evening on July 27th! Ethan Uslan is a ragtime/jazz pianist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a 3-time winner of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest and has performed all over the USA, Europe, and Cyberspace, where his jazzed-up Für Elise has gone viral.

Ethan now presents his music and storytelling on his very own podcast - The Carolina Shout. His concerts are filled with passion, humor, virtuosity, and a deep love for America’s rich musical past. His vast repertoire includes original arrangements of Civil-War era songs, New Orleans Jazz, 1920s Charleston’s, blues, stomps, Harlem stride piano, swing, Cuban rumbas, jazzed-up versions of classical masterpieces, and one Hawaiian song called Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula.

Spring has sprung in our New Neighborhood! Twenty-three homes are occupied!

Brian King, Director of Health & Wellness, is very pleased to announce our recent Medicare annual clinical survey resulted in zero deficiencies!! “This is our second year in a row to reach this goal. The survey process is always a stressful and demanding time and everyone truly rose to the challenges that were put before us. I am immensely proud and thankful to be working with such dedicated people who understand our mission so clearly.” Cindy Clampett, Director of Nursing adds, “I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of this phenomenal team here at Deerfield! We are here for the right reason, and keep our residents as our number one priority. This was evident in the care that our Survey Team observed and researched. The Survey Team was very complimentary of Deerfield and the care given by staff.”

On Tuesday, March 7th, Deerfield residents and staff gathered in the Blue Ridge Room with one goal in mind: to limit the increase in global average temperature to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to balance the imperative to mitigate climate change. Steve Kaagan, an Asheville resident who has facilitated many such exercises guided the group in a climate change simulation program developed by research group Climate Interactive.

Members of the Deerfield Sustainability Committee organized this interactive simulation exercise with the help of Bob Sigmon, a Deerfield resident who previously participated in the program. The goal of the simulation here at Deerfield was to deepen the awareness of the conditions advancing global warming and to explore actions for sustaining a livable planet and sound practices.

Simulation participants were arranged in groups of 4-6, each one with a different focus. The seven areas included energy supply, energy effectiveness, population, land and agriculture, carbon pricing, climate hawks, and fossil fuel. Each group was responsible to develop a set of proposals that would help meet a goal according to their group. Not an easy task. One morning session was enough to get people thinking but certainly not solve the issue. Awareness is a beginning and education is key. The more we know, the more we can do. The residents and staff at Deerfield work hard to maintain sustainable practices by decreasing the use of Styrofoam, water and energy conservation, solar power considerations, recycling and reusing, and certainly education and increasing awareness. Reaching that goal to limit the increase in global average temperature to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels might not be attainable, but surely each person can do something in their small piece of the earth to help save the world for future generations.

Each Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm until April 15, AARP Tax Aide is offering free tax preparation services in the Business Center in Haden Hall near the Riverwalk Café. No appointment is necessary. Phone 828-210-4542.
Please bring the following with you:
• Social Security cards for all who will be listed on the return
• Picture identification
• Last year’s return
• W-2 forms
• All 1099 forms
• Other tax forms including form 1095-etc.
• Detailed lists of receipts for any itemized deductions
• All college expenses and your 1098-T
• Complete brokerage statement
• A blank check for direct deposit or payment information


You are invited to
International Philanthropy
Opportunities with Local Roots
Hosted by
The Philanthropy Department
Wednesday, February 22
3:30 pm
Blue Ridge Room
For more information contact:
Cheryl Gettinger at

We are very pleased to announce a successful agreement with MAHEC Dental services to provide onsite basic dental care to our skilled nursing residents. This is not the norm for our industry so we are very excited about having this opportunity to serve our most vulnerable residents in a manner that decreases the anxiety and logistical problems associated with providing these services off campus. This program started on January 25, 2017 and also includes valuable educational opportunities for our staff through in-services included in the program. We are hopeful that we will be able to establish a delivery model that can be replicated by other facilities in the area to the benefit of many more in the greater Asheville community.

Loretta Heiser had been living at Deerfield for a year when in 2008 she and other residents asked the dining staff why they used artificial flowers on the tables - why not use fresh flowers? The question started a new tradition, known as BLT (Bring Love to Tables) that continues eight years later.

A handful of volunteers jumped into the flower business plucking flowers from gardens, and a local grower who came to Deerfield weekly. There were some church and wedding donations that helped fill vases that would adorn the thirty-five tables in the old Bistro.
Occasionally residents would pile into cars and race to places like The Grove Park to pick up a wedding donation, and at one time a charity called Second Bloom joined in by delivering flowers from all sorts of events.

There wasn’t much of a budget for flowers, foam, and vases in those days, but resident donations soon began trickling in and the dining staff pitched in to wash the vases and clean up spilled water. This jolly band of volunteers that has grown to twenty members has a great time swapping stories, singing, and reading poetry while they work. Everyone finds something they’re comfortable doing, and nobody gets fired.

The project has grown to include 107 dining tables, the Memorial Table, private functions, and Deerfield events. The volunteer team has grown to over twenty, and a push cart was provided by Chef Cary to make the table deliveries. Every member of the team has a job,some arrange, some water, others pushcarts, cut foam, or store material.
The routine includes pulling flowers from the tables after Monday dinner and getting the dishes washed. Tuesday is cut and prep day, and Wednesday morning is the time to arrange, and then delivery carts raced around Deerfield placing vases on tables.

There have been lessons learned along the way, such as the fact that fresh flowers from the gardens sometimes came with bugs and never really liked indoor life. BLT was able to convince Ecuador growers that Deerfield wasn’t competing with florists so they could get quick shipments of beautiful newly cut flowers that would last.

Donation needs grew and fundraising efforts included parties hosted by residents in the various apartment buildings, two Dog Shows - which also featured cats on leashes, and in 2016 a successful Tour of Homes for residents took place which raised over $5,000, and we cannot forget the occasional envelopes slid under Loretta’s door.

The BLT volunteers, lead by Loretta Heiser, are looking forward to another year of bringing love to the tables, one vase at a time.

• 14 residences are occupied with 28 new residents.
• Construction continues on schedule.
• We have a neighborhood!

Residents made generous donations which funded two new features at Deerfield: The Outdoor Fitness Park which includes four exercise stations designed by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, and a new fireplace on the Bistro patio.