Event Calendar

While we would love to accommodate all who wish to attend our planned off-campus outings, at this time they are limited to Deerfield residents only. If you are a future resident, we’d be happy to have you attend one of our programs in the Blue Ridge Room at Deerfield.

August Programs - Blue Ridge Room:
2 Globe Trexs /Explore Upclose Travel program, 1 pm
9 Drayton Aldridge Country Band, 7:15 pm
14 Behind the Notes, 4 pm
21 Brian Gurl, Pianist, 7:15 pm
August Outings - Deerfield Residents Only:
4 Flat Rock Playhouse, Mama Mia!
7 BMW Manufacturing Facility Tour
23 Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
September Programs - Blue Ridge Room:
4 Ethan Uslan, Pianist, 7:15 pm
6 Land Of Sky Symphonic Band, 7:15 pm
8 Becky Stone, Story Teller, 10 am
11 Behind the Notes, 4 pm
25 Mountain Folkharpers, 7:15 pm
September Outings - Deerfield Residents Only:
1 Flat Rock Playhouse, Always a Bridesmaid
1 Masterworks Piano Concert at Diana Wortham Theatre
8 River Arts District studio tour
20 Chihuly exhibit, evening at Biltmore