Event Calendar

While we would love to accommodate all who wish to attend our planned off-campus outings, at this time they are limited to Deerfield residents only. If you are a future resident, we’d be happy to have you attend one of our programs in the Blue Ridge Room at Deerfield.

October Programs - Blue Ridge Room:
2 Walker Adjustment Clinic, 10 am
4 Texas Pete Concert, 7:15 pm
9 Michael Jefrey Stevens Pianist, 7:15 pm
11 Deerfield Day, Octoberfest, 4 pm
16 Fred Moyer pianist, 7:15 pm
18 Temple Trio Concert, 7:15 pm
25 Great Minds Series, 7:15 pm

October Outings - Deerfield Residents Only:
3 Chihuly and lunch at Biltmore
6 Flat Rock Playhouse, The Glass Menagerie
6 Peace Center - Greenville Symphony Orchestra
13 Asheville Symphony
27 Flat Rock Playhouse, Pickin’ and a Grinnin’ - A Night at the Opry

November Programs - Blue Ridge Room:
1 Joseph Hastings Jazz Ensemble, 7:15 pm
9 Holiday Craft Market, 9:30 am
13 Falconry Program, 4 pm
15 Deerfield Day, Entertainment, Bayou Diesel, 4:00 pm
29 Bigger Than Life Series Program, 7:15 pm

November Outings - Deerfield Residents Only:
10 Flat Rock Playhouse, The Hound of the Baskervilles
17 Asheville Symphony