Green Updates at Deerfield

Few of us notice that small changes, often with significant environmental implications, are taking place on the Deerfield Campus.
Here are a few:
• Beginning October 2016, Styrofoam containers for residents to take out food were replaced by compostable ones in the Bistro and Café. Containers are now discarded with garbage rather than recycled; but unlike Styrofoam, they degrade in the landfill without releasing toxic or harmful chemicals.
• The Dining Department continues to prepare and serve locally grown and produced products when available and affordable.
• The Facilities Department has incorporated energy saving projects that reduce both expenses and our carbon footprint. Projects geared towards sustainability this year include replacing: obsolete boilers in skilled nursing; laundry electric boilers with natural gas; skilled nursing HVAC in common area with more efficient units; and replacing windows in East and West wings of skilled nursing. A timer and pump will be added to the Tuton Hall water vault, to allow some pumps to shut down at times of lower demand, saving energy.
• Grounds and Landscaping Department continues to incorporate native plants in our landscaping, as these plants generally require less water and chemical use. They also collect the leaves and compost them for use in the Community Garden and other landscape projects.

Residents also make a difference in energy conservation. The electric rate between peak and non-peak hours is significant.

-The ad hoc Sustainability Committee