Community Engagement Needs Assessment Report

After months of hard work and dedication, the results of our Community Needs Engagement Assessment (CENA) are in! Deerfield isn’t just dedicated to improving the lives of older adults on our campus, we are also dedicated to improving the lives of older adults living in Buncombe County. As part of this commitment, Deerfield initiated a CENA to specifically evaluate the health and social service needs of older adults.

On April 12th, Libby Bush, Michelle Wooley, and our partners from Holleran Consulting and GHH Philanthropy spent nearly two hours diving into the Community Engagement Needs Assessment, discussing Deerfield’s mission, our Foundation’s potential impact, and how residents might get involved moving forward. The time spent together was an incredible mix of data-rich information and empathetic response, and we are excited to see where it all leads.

Click below read the full Community Needs Assessment Report and the Executive Summary.

Or, click below to watch the April 12 presentation on YouTube.