Lifestyle and More Found at Deerfield

Dr. Tom Rardin and his wife Shirley have lived in Asheville for 48 years. They chose to move to Deerfield in 2006. Tom and Shirley have four children, two of whom live in Asheville with their families. Tom was drawn to Asheville as a result of spending several years here as a child in summer camps and also to join an established rheumatologist’s practice. Tom had recently finished his residency in internal medicine and fellowship training in rheumatology at the University of Virginia. Then, there was a stint in the Army where he was the medical officer in charge of the dispensary. Shirley was an educator before moving to Asheville. She continued her education here, earning an MBA, and subsequently working in Tom’s office as the business manager. She has served on several boards in Asheville. It was more than the confidence in the Life Care that Deerfield provides, it was also the activities that attracted the Rardins. As residents of Deerfield, they engage in many activities together including College for Seniors, music programs, and playing mah jongg and bridge. When Shirley is sewing or quilting, Tom might be found on the croquet court. The Rardins both formerly skied and enjoyed golfing, but for Tom these more vigorous activities have been replaced with exercise and therapy to help treat his Parkinson’s Disease, symptoms of which were first recognized by his son, a neurologist in Asheville. Through the rehab department at Deerfield, which is managed by RehabCare, he receives speech, occupational, and physical therapies. The exercise programs include modified chair yoga, movement to music therapies, and electrical stimulation for deactivating muscles during exercise. These and many more treatments and exercises are provided by a very caring and attentive staff. Tom says he is aware of when he needs to seek therapy services and is able to do that easily with RehabCare right on site. “Our department, at Deerfield, includes a number of therapists and the tools to work with residents who have a wide variety of needs and abilities,” says RehabCare Program Director and Agency Administrator Monica Hall Olszewski. “We help those who are proactive and know exactly what they want, and can also guide residents who need direction with their care.” The Rardins made a good choice when they chose Deerfield for many reasons, but as Dr. Rardin says, “The secret to Deerfield is the people, both staff and residents.” For more information about RehabCare services available, future residents can contact Monica Hall Olszewski by calling (828)-274-1531 *3298.