A Croquet Lesson at Deerfield From a Real Pro!

Don Oakley, assisted by his wife, Diane, taught members how to decide which mallet configuration is best for each player, choosing among materials, total weight, handle length and flex, head dimensions and weighting, and prices. Several dozen members of the Croquet Club at Deerfield enjoyed a two-hour presentation and demonstration game on Deerfield’s state-of-the-art croquet court and pavilion. Don founded Oakley Woods, a premier manufacturer of all things croquet over 25 years ago, and is now also a provider of the best in bocce and horseshoes equipment.

Don is currently serving as Vice President, Membership, of the United States Croquet Association, carries a handicap of 4 when competing in official tournaments. He demonstrated varied hand positions for properly gripping the mallet, and techniques for consistently reproducing an accurate swing. Deerfield croquet players then experimented with various mallet models, grips and swings while striking balls on the court. The session concluded with a short demonstration game, emphasizing the strategic elements of croquet.